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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is, at times, hard to pin down. The stronger the technology has gotten, the broader the applications have become, affecting everything from energy, to smart cities to manufacturing, and in the process, blurring the line between traditional consumer and industrial markets. Interestingly, in the United States, much of the Industrial IoT advancements have come from the private sector – oil and gas, utilities, precision agriculture, etc. International IIoT, however, has seen real advancements coming from cities – smart cities, that is. Smartest Cities in the World A 2015 article from Forbes provided a list of the top five smartest cities in the world based on a number of factors, including environmental monitoring, smart traffic management, data usage and creative tech applications.  Barcelona topped the list, with New York City,... (more)

Abdulhayoglu Calls for Strengthening Cyber Grid Security

"Do we really want to build this smart grid…for it only to be used against us?" Melih Abdulhayoglu's concern for the security of the United States's electricity grid was prescient. "We've got to be sure those smart meters are protected." He spoke a day before Siobhan Gorman at the Wall Street Journal broke the news that cyberspies, most likely from China and Russia had penetrated the cybergrid that controls the US electrical supply, and had left behind potentially disruptive software. "The CIA has already admitted that cities have been taken down by criminal activities, by attacks." American users of electricity are "lucrative targets," he said. He urged the US not to "build all our houses and homes into this thing and make it all vulnerable." Abdulhayoglu is an expert on Internet security. He is the founder of the Comodo Companies, which distributes PC security so... (more)

Enterprise Architecture: Hope Or Hype?

Hype cycles are common in many markets. For technology markets, Gartner® has established a five-phase hype cycle used since 1995 to track a new technology from its trigger phase to the point where it has become widely demonstrated and accepted. For many technologies, these hype cycles typically span anywhere from three to ten years. When a technology breakthrough gains momentum with the press and possibly launches a product, that particular technology gets triggered. This describes the first phase of the cycle. In the second phase, expectations for that technology are inflated because of a few over-enthusiasts pledging unrealistic paybacks. When these paybacks are not obviously realized, the press walks away from that technology, leading some of the enthusiasts to drop out in the third phase. The enthusiasts who remain on board continue to utilize the technology du... (more)

IBM and Cisco in Amsterdam Smart Grid Pilot

At least two big IT names, IBM and Cisco, will be headlining a trial by Dutch utility, Nuon, to put in a smart grid for 500 homes in Amsterdam. As part of the trial, 500 households in Amsterdam will get smart meters and home energy management solutions to optimise their energy usage. The pilot is being implemented by a consortium of organisations, including housing corporations Far West and Ymere, Amsterdamse Innovatie Motor, Home Automation Europe, ROC Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam and Grid Operator Liander. The pilot, a part of the Amsterdam Smart City initiative, is co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development. “Now that more than half of the global population lives in cities, we need to acknowledge that achieving a sustainable future lies in our urban centers,” said Guido Bartels, General Manager of IBM’s Global Energy & Utilities industry. “... (more)

Renewable Energy Solutions Are No Longer Optional But a Necessity

Driven by China's determination to reduce their dependence on coal energy and to look ahead to a more sustainable future, the recent NGU APAC summit (hosted by GDS International) took place this week chaired by Colin Tam - CEO of AEI Asia Ltd  who spoke out on the emerging government policy and environmental protection requirements in countries such as China and India.  Renewable energy solutions have attracted $37.3 billion of investment into the Asia and Pacific region in the last 12 months, surpassing even the Americas. So visionaries such as William Tianming Li, VP - Asia Power, Chang Yeol Lee, Head of Distribution- KEPCO, Myung-Key Lee, Manager General, - Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, Ario Senoaji, VP Alternative/Renewable Energy - PLN and Ashok Sethy, VP - TaTa Power, agreed to attend this week in Sentosa to discuss unified measures to ensure renewable energy... (more)

EMC to Open Cloud and Big Data R&D Center in Russia

EMC on Wednesday announced it plans to establish an R&D center in the Skolkovo Foundation's Innovation Hub in Russia that will focus on development of cloud infrastructure solutions and Big Data analytics technologies for Bioinformatics and Energy Efficiency.  EMC also plans to collaborate on research projects in these and other areas with Russian universities, government agencies, and local and multinational companies in the Skolkovo community. The new EMC facility will be located at the Skolkovo Innovation Center and will work in close cooperation with EMC's existing R&D center in St. Petersburg. The agreement was signed today in Moscow by Joel Schwartz, EMC's Senior Vice President, and Viktor Vekselberg, Skolkovo Foundation President. The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on establishing an innovation hub to stimulate innovative entreprene... (more)

UK Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme is Bad for IT Business

As we enter the third month of 2012, we can but hope that this should be the year that the UK Government finally realises that its Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme is bad for business. Introduced under the banner of helping UK industry to become more energy efficient it seems to want to do nothing but penalise growth. Our raison d’etre as the owner and operator of five UK data centres is to help businesses and organisations throughout the private and public sector to consolidate their IT infrastructures. By moving their servers off their premises into data centres like ours, which are efficiently run to maximise computer usage in environmentally-controlled settings, we are driving business efficiency. MPs seem to think that because we use a lot of energy that we waste it. We don’t. In fact energy stewardship is critical to our business success. Our customers have... (more)

Power Assure Appoints New Members to Its Board of Advisors

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 05/01/12 -- Power Assure®, Inc., a data center infrastructure and energy management solutions provider, today announced two new members to its Board of Advisors. New appointments include Paul De Martini, managing director, Newport Consulting Group, providing management consulting services to technology and energy industry executives worldwide regarding strategic planning, business transformation and technology management; and Ashley Davis, a business evangelist, university lecturer and recognized global specialist in the design build and operability of data centers. Ashley was formerly managing director of data center strategy for JP Morgan Chase, and is currently a non-executive director for UK-based Infinity, a provider of data center services. Tweet this: @PowerAssure #DCIM appoints new members to Board of Advisors http://bit.l... (more)

M2M News Weekly – Week of April 28, 2013

Welcome to M2M News Weekly, an online newsletter that consists of the most interesting news and articles related to M2M (machine to machine) and embedded mobile devices.  I aggregate the information, include the original links and add a synopsis of each article.  I also search for the latest market numbers such as market size, growth and trends in and around the M2M market. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HMTL5 Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Also read SMAC News Weekly In a report by SAP Brazil, China, Germany and India are the four countries most ready to embrace M2M technology for building smarter cities. Read Original Content Markets Research Reports expects the wireless M2M market to account for nearly $1... (more)

MTC: When Machines Communicate (A New Hot Topic Taking Over the Industry) - also available in Spanish

Machine Type Communications (MTC) Recently the wireless industry has had an increasing interest on M2M (Machine to Machine) communications linked to technologies like Smart Grid, Wireless Sensor Networks, and applications focused on maximizing the control of resources and tracking of goods. But exactly what benefits does M2M bring to the industry, how is the market embracing it? And more importantly, why so much hype? My first approach to the technology led me to think that it wasn’t too relevant for the industry and I quite didn’t see a true impact for the wireless user but, this opinion changed when I got better informed and went a bit deep on the concept. In this post I share my views on the technology; how it all started, why I think it became relevant and my conclusions on why the industry must be excited about it.   Origins and Related Concepts  ... (more)

Mobile Cyber Security News Weekly – Week of December 1, 2013

Welcome to the Mobile Cyber Security News Weekly, our newest online newsletter. Mobile Cyber Security will focus on the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile and cyber security, mobile malware, mobile application management, cyber warfare (and more!) that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market trend information. Also read Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Looking for an enterprise mobility solution?  Read the Mobile Solution Directory Here! According to Tripwire, Inc. ninety-one percent of U.S. and 83 percent of U.K. respondents believe shopping on a computer provides more security than shopping on a mobile phone. Read Original Content IBM has announced it is adding eleven additional schoo... (more)